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user_icon - fraud on return pickup of the product and refund of money.

As much we are surveying for we found that they are making maximum fraud cases with the customer and making the account suspended and retained the money and product of the customer, In 2016 after note bandhi as much claim paid by them has been received in minimum 3-5 month to there account and many people has not yet received the refund from them, and how they make return or refund the amount from snapdeal the way of it is also not known to them, and they rare not returning our purchased product which we have return them as for replacement or refund but this product also they are not returning to us as they says the account is suspended, sir, madam I have not seen in any website or not on any shopping tv channel that the both product and amount was kept by the seller, 1. they are making more target on rural area of the wb may be they are doing on other rural area of India but know about on WB because rural area people does not speak Hindi very well, for that they understand that they can convinced them very nicely to pickup in serials of all product 3-4 to 4-8 product or 1-8 product, 2. they are very weak on writing or checking email of doing and also they does not know the way how to claim to be done and many people of city also does not know the way of claim to receive by snapdeal website, and also customer care does not help or guide how to make claim for the product, like if the product is damaged then the image of the product to be sent first to the customer care and if there is a size problem then directly it should be make replacement or refund of the product but they still asking for image for size issue which is not possible, 3. customer care should inform to the customer that the out of 2 invoice copy one copy should be kept by the customer and the other one to be sent along with the product this knowledge is not with the rural area which checking department came to know because on returning they are getting the both invoices copy, why checking department of snapdeal does not inform to the customer care people that one invoice should be stay with the customer, they are only informing that the return pick up slip of courier to be kept safely but in that pickup slip nothing details of the customer is written and only the Air Way Bill no issued on it. If the snapdeal change the claim issue then also the customer could not able to answer because they does not have any proof with them except the pickup AWB No. I have their email and telephonic conversation recording as a proof about my product and for other people they have not given any detail and given only hope that the money will be refunded very soon, 4. In Pickup Slip they have attached only sub order no but from it we could not able to understand what claim is done on it so the checking department has put my all claim on defective product claim but in that my many product claim was the size issue which they have mixed up as only on 3 pickup slip the all claim detail they have given but rest 5 pickup slip they have not given any detail that I can see my Brother and sister claim but not any other people and they are not known how to open and track the claim product detail, which I have teach to many people of the sunderban canning town, 5. It is also a big problem that they are suspending 2-3 person account from one house and in that my house also come and in that 2 person are account been suspended it is not enough that govt should take action on it. , I can able to give all the proof of pickup slip and all other document with the call record as a proof to you on your requirement, and I could not able to attached in your website because there is not enough space for it on your inquiry I will submit all proof. Please look after the common people should get justice from, in gurugram, Haryana your only government is there so you can sent one of your representative to Snapdeal office and make query on it. All call center of any website or tv channel customer care provide the Common basic point to give to there customer for refund and replace policy which they does not need to give to their customer and the people of rural area does not know to operate to check there product status and to them they are sending only email and not doing any phone calling people so it is enough point to banned the Barnali Majumder 8240613410 Kausik Majumder 9734582676 Pialy R. Pandya elder sister 9051871878

1 Apr 23, 2017 01:39 PM Internet Services

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Dear Pialy Pandya, We understand the plight. We will get the issue checked and update you at the earliest. Regards, Team Snapdeal

Apr 24, 2017 06:21 AM