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All consumers!! Beware of online shopping site and its own bogus courier by the name VULCAN EXPRESS and its own mobile wallet by the name FREECHARGE. All the said three names are frauds, cheats and swindlers. Starting with Snapdeal:- Snapdeal is actually a big fraud. Snapdeal floats different schemes, coupons, policies time to time on its website with the mala fide intention of luring the innocent customers worldwide and to bring those customers into its honeytrap.Snapdeal has also annonced its return policy, refund policy, return guarantee etc. etc., all of which are mere eyewash, superficial, absolutely false and frivolous schemes, practically non existent and are a MODUS OPERANDI of snapdeal, to lure the innocent buyers with fanciful words and to cheat and defraud the buyers. Snapdeal is a pro-seller site. Registers all fake sellers on its site. The sellers registered with snapdeal are never traceable. They use fake addresses. Snapdeal conceals the sellers addresses on its site snd never reveals them to the buyers. Since the sellers registered with snapdeal are fake, snapdeal sells fake, spurious, smuggled, even stolen goods on its website of these fake sellers. Products sold on snapdeal are not genuine, soiled and used. The products are not covered under any guarantee. But snapdeal falsely claim that the products sold on its site are covered under various guarantee schemes which claim is absolutely false. The further tall claims - that the products sold on its website are returnable if the same are not upto the buyers' interest and that snapdeal would take back the said defective, wrong product supplied and that it would refund the money paid by the buyer already are also equally false. Let me caution all buyers !!!! Snapdeal's claims are absolutely false and only false. Many buyers are cheated and defrauded by snapdeal by its tall and false claims of return and refund policies and schemes. Snapdeal never refunds money to any buyer. Under its false return scheme what snspdeal actually does collects back the products from the doorstep of the buyer through its own bogus courier called VULCAN EXPRESS who is also hand-in-gloves with snapdeal, who would not give any receipt in acknowledgement, and then for several months snapdeal would falsely claim that the said returned products never reached it. One cannot track the courier movement of snapdeal because the couriers of snapdeal are bogus too and are not trackable online at all. After claiming falsely for months together that it did not receive back the returned items of the buyers, snapdeal would finally refuse to refund the money of the buyers and the buyers are thus seriously harassed and traumatised by snapdeal. I had come across many such harassed and traumatised buyers online, the victim count of which is around 300 in numbers. many traumatised buyers had filed criminal as well as civil cases in Delhi courts against snapdeal. I myself am fighting seven cases of my clients registered against snapdeal in various Delhi courts. Beware !!!!! Snapdeal had also indulged in forgery to cheat buyers!!. Snapdeal had fabricated, forged, manipulated fake delivery receipts of many buyers, by using its bogus couriers without actually delivering the products to those buyers in connection with which four F.I.Rs are registered against snapdeal in the police stations of Delhi alone for forgery and cheating committed by snapdeal in connivance with its bogus courier named VULCAN EXPRESS. The mobile wallet called "free charge" is yet again the baby of snapdeal and is equally hand-in-gloves with snapdeal in its clandestine dealings. The said mobile wallet is forced upon buyers by snapdeal who buy on CASH ON DELIVERY basis. The money of many buyers from the said wallet "freecharge" is misappropriated by snapdeal into its own account by showing fake transactions as made into snapdeal which transactions were actually never made by those buyers but were falsely shown so by snapdeal. Many good samaritans have taken up the Job of spreading awareness to general public on all public platforms of social media. Please join me in spreading awareness to save innocent persons from falling into the trap of snapdeal and mobile wallet "freecharge" For those cheated by snapdeal, free legal help may be provided. Call 9015976296.

1 Dec 22, 2016 05:02 PM Internet Services

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Snapdeal is a fraud. Snapdeal has defrauded many buyers by a modus operandi of selling used, ugly, soiled products & then refusing refund. 29 criminal cases for Fraud, cheating by forgery and by fraudulent claims are registered against snapdeal. Save urself by not dealing with snapdeal

Dec 22, 2016 12:00 AM