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Smart advertisement agency - Refund not recieved

A company named smart advertisement agency asked us to join their online job by paying 1200/- in which they give us some adds which v have to to veiw n like n thay pay us 5/- per add for complete one year ... As directed I did the job ... After three days I got a call in which they are telling me to make join three people to their company or else they won't pay me now onwords... For wich I asked my friend to join them thay three person each paid online 1200/- total is 4800... As soon they join they stopped the job... That said they will refund my all amount but now they are telling me to wait till next week or that date next month .. they are just giving me dates ... Atlast they sed I'll get my money on 28 of October ... On October 28 when I visit them to get my money that company shetter is closed forever

0 Dec 13, 2017 02:30 PM Job and Career

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