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Shriram general insurance - Not reimbursing insurance claim amount

Below are my bike insurance details. Ref  Claim no : 10000/31/16/C/050850 vehicle no : HR 26 CM 5359 Policy no : 102015/31/15/012185 I have submitted all requisite documents to their executives and some by courier, In initial stage when my bike was stolen at that time I just filled a 'FIR' to near by police station, infect that bike was stolen from police line faridabad, (As my father posted their as ASI in Faridabad), at that time I dint know, that same time I also have to intimate the insurance company, due to lack of my knowledge, I thought, that FIR would be enough to file claim. Even after submitting all documents, and explaining everything, they are not reimbursing my claim by giving the only reason "late intimation to the company" FIR no. - 504 Date - 27-11-2015 It took so much time because i mailed that untraced report through speed post , but it was lost somewhere which I reported in Postoffice but no use, so I reissued the untraced report from court and submitted it. I attached an image grab of my email which I revert to their query, now that claim is pending due to late intimation reason. Thanks & Regards Deepak Brar s/o MrsSaroj Brar

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