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Shree Samrat bakery & confectioners - Overcharging of prices

This is to complain that M/S Shree Samrat Bakery & Confectioners in Sector 14, HUDA market, Gurgaon, Haryana is overcharging for the commodities. Example if the price of harvest gold bread is 35 inr, he will charge 38 inr since the price mentioned on it is 35 in Delhi & 38 in other states. When I asked about overcharging, he mentioned that this is Gurgaon which comes under Haryana. However the same products are being charged at Delhi prices (which are lower than other states) in other shops in & around Gurgaon. Which is really surprising & not at all good for the customers who are being deceived because of the same. I would request you to visit the shop & check yourself since this is not a matter of couple of rupees, but matter of principle, since Gurgaon is very much in Delhi NCR & how can someone overcharge in that case..

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