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Shopclues - please help me to recover my money back as you help to everybody and i am fighting interdependently but need your help for my daughter annual fees.

I could not understand that your holiday has not been finished yet or when you will wakeup for the common people, I have made a serveral complaint against but I have not received any ticket or doct no from your side, for you my blocked amount may be very small but this amount is very big for me as I can not utilize this amount in my daughter annual fees, if this amount was utilize then I can arrange the same amount from the other for annual fees but my both thing is blocked and I have not place for asking the money because my husband has not received any increment nor the bonus from the service firm and his salary is very low of 11500, how could I manage everything in this amount, and also I am suffering emotional and dharmic harassment from them, my daughter everyday look the product and crying for it because she could not got any correct product as a gift in puja or Diwali as shopclue has sent us the wrong product which we purchase from them, the parcel which I have not received from them that parcel amount is still pending from a month, secondly my Diwali purchase wrong product they are not coming for reverse pickup and all product is prepaid and they have closed the reverse pickup for the product without contacting us, 2 times shopclue representative has call us from the customer care representative 8377808862 has call us on 16.10.17 at 16.48hours and book the date for reverse pickup also but no one has contact us and on 2nd day 17.10.17 received call from 8588828516 at 12.44 hours and asked us my 3 product details and I also told him that you have ask me the same question yesterday also then they said why you have not received any call from our courier partner for reverse pickup, I said no I have not received any call from any courier boy for pickup the product the both above call recording are with us, so please ask them from our side how they have not yet refund our money and also not doing the pickup of the product. I am very needy of this money, because I have to pay annual fees for her school and also my medical issue nerve problem I can not walk for this also I can not utilise this fund after it, but my first priority is my daughter fees and secondly my medical charges, I am ingoreing my medical in front of her study, and I know how to fight independently and I have a dgree after me, my degree are M.A in journalism and LLB, but for my health I could not do anything for utilise my degree, please let us know why they are not refunding us the amount and for not doing pickup for the product. When ever you required I will provide you my phone details with recoding,

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