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Shopclues - Not releasing refund of my product, and also not doing reverse pickup of the product

You have made the digital India but in that digital India how common people are facing problem in that you are not looking forward for it, all entertainment has been closed due to GST and my husband salary is 11,500 and you can check in our last year letter about my husband salary was same as this year. after gst my husband increment has not done due to the loss of business as his firm is very small, and also he does not get the bonus for Diwali and who is responsible for it, I have a journalism and LLB degree but I am not well physically and I could not able to walk and I have done one diploma in physiotherapy from that I understand and all doctor also told us that my nerve problem in my feet for that I could not go outside for work but if any work come at home for then I do some consulting regarding the LLB and also some staff reporting for news paper and news channel and I got some small amount of money I got and our house income become some increase due to it but my more than half of the income goes after my daughter study, and she does not have tution and I make her study after having so much my health problem as I could not able to effort my daughter tution and in this income I can not effort the tusion that also you know and my daughter is in class VI for that tution is must but I can not effort it and as we are undated in study so we can make her study but it is our helplessness if we does not know some part of the study then we search in google and make her study and I only make her study because my husband remain a whole day busy with his service and showing your path we are doing the online payment on online purchase, but your digital India has very much bad effect are there and many fake call comes and I am giving one no asking for all our debit card details telling us that your atm card had to link with aadhaar card for that required the detail otherwise we will block your atm card and the no is 8294854550 and many more no are there and we have not kept with us and call does not stop coming and we informed to the local police station and also to Head Police station and we are scare doing your digital Payment and you are also not taking any step towards them as I know how to takel them that’s I do but who does not know they provide the details of it, and I think you have not able to make fully digital India and I do servey of it as much I can do it, I am fighting with my physical illness avoiding it also I do the job which your officer should do but you all are busy with your party and politics, saying making India does not make the India digital but it suffer common people income and other thing, Your party has one dharmic agenda is making India a Ram Raaj or Hinduism, I am gujrati and my main festival is Diwali how digital India and online shopping through payment my whole month been ruin due to online shopping I could not able to give a single to her as what ever we have purchase online from Shopclue he sent us all the product wrong and as I could not walk in rush crowed areas for that I shop from online shopping as I could not walk and how can I walk in crowed area and also the online shoping gives some benefit on rate due to it we can effort the price, on last year had ruin my Diwali and this year has ruin our puja and Diwali festival in whole year we purchase on this two occation and this two occation they have sent us a wrong product and wrong size so we could not able to keep the product and they still have not refund our product money till dated. More than a month has passed but we have not received our money from then and how could we purchase the product as we have limited amount with us and we purchase for her one product for Diwali that also come wrong size in XL size and for making a cheap in courier charges they sent two product in one parcel and both have received in XL size so you can understand that how her Diwali has gone with our any new cloths and her new year has also been ruin as per mother how it effect me that you can understand and she was crying that is a different issue as she could not got any gift from us on puja or Diwali, and that also the same location Gurgaon in Haryana, last year and this year both has been ruin by Haryana state as we have search on internet but you have not done anything on it, last year we have given many complaint against snapdeal but you have not done any step on them and this year I am doing the complaint against shopcule and why this thing done though Haryana state online does not see the emotion of a child but now I can see that you also have no emotion for common people, you are playing with the emotion and with also our mythological did she made a well prayer to the god that you can understand that we are very small family, that I have understand that you does not got effected with our emotion and mythological also this only you speak about ram rajya and Haryana sarkar has made may cases then also you are not taking any step against the Haryana State, you are giving many allogation on WB state but not taking any action against the Haryana state, I have purchase from because my effort able range comes in this purchase website, but from Durga Puja to Diwali and our main festival is dewali totally they have destroyed our festival because they have sent us wrong size product and also wrong color in combo product, and intentionally they have sent one product one perfect size and other size given wrong, and one price is 299 and other one price is 372 and now when I am searching for the same product for Diwali on that time I found one product price was 779 which was of rs 372, so now you tell us that this type of thing they have done intentionally or not, now you tell my combo price has went into the one product only I have given gst and but they have sent the wrong product and block our money for a month and still it is pending with them, then also I have given them one chance on Diwali purchase and the two different product they sent on in one parcel and in that one dress for my daughter and one for me and they took the charges for the product but issued us in one invoice and one parcel how they can do like this and also they have sent us a wrong size product for my daughter, so what comes in my daughter hand I can understand myself for it but how I will explain to my daughter and please teach me your political language, so that I can able to make her understand, now what ever is happen now please tell them to return my money back to us, so I can able to give some other gift to her on telling god Diwali, and also they have closed our pickup for product where no courier has call us for pickup nor any courier boy has come to us and we that also don’t know who is there courier partner, so how they can closed our pickup and that logic I need from them and as they are belonging from your location Haryana state so I have to go politically to them, in Haryana your political party is ruling there where your responsibility is your now and I have written to your Haryana state also and asked the help from them and from whom I asked for help now please let me know, I have a product and everyday my daughter look for it and crying on watching it, please give me one political thinking that what should I do, as I could not think logically, As you say I will not eat nor I will allow to eat anybody but I can see that they are eating a lot and you are not taking any action on it.

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