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Shop CJ - Not getting refund.

To The Officer Incharge, Kolkata Cyber Cell Kolkata, I have book one order through Shopcj t.v. channel and order no. 20170121044910 dt.21.01.17 at 16.38 hours for Rs.1048/- for pre Madonna PO4 jeggings (2 faux Leather + 2 denim) with online payment. 100% net banking chitting case and we have the proof for that. I have started online shopping, Paytm, other internet transaction through net banking on insist of our P.M. Modiji Ji but I have no surety of our money is safe with any transaction. I have make one more complain to you before few days back but we have not received any feedback from your end. That means you are also not working on common people complains only you go after high profile cases. Fault no 1 for system My bank has allot us the sms of the amount paid to shopcj at 16.38 hours but we have not received any sms or email from shopcj conforming our order than also we make email to them regarding not receiving of conformation from them but than also we have not received any email or sms from them till 24.01.17 and when we receive one sms on the 25.01.17 in that they are asking on same order no cash on delivery so they are asking 2 time payment from us that once we have paid through bank on booking time and again cash on delivery along with shipping charges. So this a fraud and chitting case. Now we want to make complaint against them that they have already took our money and also asking for second time money at the time of delivery. So we have cancel the product on 25.01.17 and we have talk to Customer Service Manager Priyanka and she inform us that the amount will be refunded within 24 hours that means on 26.01.17 we should receive our refund and also she told that you don’t have to call us again for your money as it will be directly deposit in my bank account and that time only one sms I have received from them which does not match with my order no so nothing prove that for which product they have sent to us. They have not provided us any complain no nor product cancelation no to us so how could we know that where is my money and when I will receive my money back from them and also I want to make case against shopcj service manager Priyanka because she told us on phone but does not providing us any email or sms from there end. I have called from my husband mobile no.8017136130 to Priyanka on 26.01.17 at 17.00 hours from Jadavpur Police Station after submitting every proof to officer in-charge regarding the product booked to them and officer also take to priyanka that on your words you suppose give money today but she inform that account team is absent today so she will arrange refund tomorrow that is 27.01.17 at noon 12pm. So I have made one dairy against priyanka for fraud in Jadavpur Police Station and also I want to make same to you in your website. I want to asked one thing to you that till what time it will be go like this and when we will become criminal and terrorist mentality on that time you come to arresting us. If you will not answer of my this document than I will become criminal and you and your system are responsible for this. We pay all taxes but no one see to common people so I will become criminal mentality and you came for arrest. Pialy R Pandya / 9051871878

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