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Shine auto consultant - Paid 7 months over till now not received bike RC

I'm from andhra pradesh working in HPE BANGALORE I buy a bike in the month of June 25 2016 I took an a second hand bike paid total Money on the same day ie; sum to 57000/- along with comission to the consultant but till now I have not received my RC from them. I once filed compliant against them, at the initial police seem like really helping me but the same day the consultant give some amount to police person so police had take the compliant on white paper and give 30days time to him to give RC or money back. After coming out of the police station consultant told me he paid 1000rs to police. For more time. After 30days when I called the police he favour the consultant and said me to give 15days more time that day I realize police is helping consultant. I'm feeling helpless in karnataka. Every day I'm calling the consultant for RC he doesn't pick up my call if I call from unknown number he picks the call and tells me to call tomorrow. Please help me to take my RC or money back from this fraud people, I have all the call recordings papers and compliant paper.

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