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Shah Ji cables Subhash Nagar - Given wrong information regarding a channel ADHYATAM & cheated regarding the same.

Last month I asked shah Ji cables in Subhash Nagar Block 2, New Delhi to put a HATHWAY cable at my home at the above area mentioned and asked the owner Vijay(Mintu) specifically that do you provide ADHYATAM Channel on your HATHWAY digital cable or not and he agreed and said yes that we do provide the same but this is actually not true as ADHYATAM channel is not at all there on the cable. The moment he installed the same at my home, we searched for the ADHYATAM and it was not at all there in the whole list. Since, this devotional channel is almost played whole day at my home and it was not there so I called up the owner and asked him to remove the set up box right away and return all the money I've paid but he said he will do it next month as it would be a loss to him. I seriously felt cheated & this is how the owner increases his sale & makes money out of FOOLING the customer. But, anyways I understood and told him to remove it next month as he agreed with his statement that "ITS MY FAULT AND WILL RETURN YOUR FULL INSTALLATION CHARGES INR 1,250 WITHOUT DEDUCTING ANYTHING, NEXT MONTH". After a month I called him today (09/04/2017) to come and remove this and return my money. Now, his words were different and told me that he's going to return just 4,00 rupees & after arguing on this he was very aggressive and misbehaved in a manner that he'll beat me if I'll argue more on this & also said "if you want just take 4,00 otherwise I'm not going return anything to you. I mean it's not a matter of 850 rupees more, it's a matter of fooling the customers and generating money. I'm firing this complaint just because I felt cheated and the way he misbehaved with me. I want consumer court to take appropriate actions against SHAH JI CABLES owner Mr. Vijay(Mintu) Mobile+919810040766 for fooling the customer and doing fraud just to generate money.

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