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Wizi Marketing - Senior employees at Wizi Marketing (Wizi Logic Pvt. Ltd.) - Really Useless

Senior employees of Wizi Marketing (Wizi Logic Pvt. Ltd.) are really useless specially Roshan Dahal. Don't have good technical knowledge as they come from BPO's and their behavior with other employees also not good. Always use abusive language. Behave rudely with others. I am glad that I had left this company. There is no option here to give review otherwise I will give them only 1 star rating review.

1 Apr 24, 2017 05:42 AM Business and Finances

We never employed anyone with your name. Who are you? This is too much. Honestly speaking if you want to challenge the tech capabilities of Wizi and It's team please come face to face. STOP HARASSING MR. ROSHAN AND WIZI. Mr. Roshan brings vast tech knowledge and is one of the most humble guy. He has handheld everyone and taught internet marketing and people trying to ruin his name and the company name is not acceptable at all. Our legal team will definitely take actions against whosoever you are. Thanks Wizi Marketing Personal Note : SHAME ON YOU IMPOSTER HIDING BEHIND THE INTERNET. ROSHAN TREATED YOU LIKE FAMILY AND TAUGHT YOU EVERYTHING. POST THAT YOU ARE GIVING HIM BAD NAME. DON'T YOU HAVE ANY ETHICAL VALUES AT ALL. SHAME ON YOU

Apr 26, 2017 03:49 PM

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