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Samsung - Unnecessary service charges being levied on mobile phone that are still in warranty

My mother uses a samsung J2 2016 model mobile phone. Most of the android phones have certain settings wherein the movile when connected to a 3g or 4g or a wifi internet network, its softwares starts updating. The same thing accured in my mother's samsung mobile phone as its software was update automatically and the phone was reset. When my mom used her cell phone she is being asked her playstore email id and password to start the phn again. My mother unfortunately does bot remember that email account and its password. Subsequently i took the cell phone to the samsung service centre, rajpur road, dehradun. There the attendant told me that the phone was reset and now it will cost me 230 rupees to start the phone again. I clarified certain points that, firstly, the software was update automatically therefore resetting the phone and my mom did nothing to reset the cell phone. Secondly, this was not a customer mishandling case as the phone was reseted automatically. Thirdly, even if a customer forgets his/her respective play store if and password, then there should be other alternative modes of setting things right without charging the customer for it. Forgetting an id and password is very normal and customer should not be charged for the same as being a customer mishandling case. Lastly and most importantly my mother's mobile phone is just 3 months old and therefore is covered under warranty period. Therefore any services provided on the mobile phone by the service centre should be free of cost. Ignoring all this the service centre was adamant in charging me for their services. Being a customer who does not know much about the policies and their tactics, i agreed to pay the charges provided the service centre gives me any of the following- 1. The rate card that specifies that for such faults i shall pay the requisite amount that the service centre is charging me. 2. Any policy or procedure rules in writing that specifies that in cases such as mine, i shall be liable to pay such amount or such cases are consumer mishandling cases and the customer is liable to pay. 3. In writing by the manager of the service centre that i shall be charged the requisite amount for the services rendered to me on my mobile phone despite being under warranty period. To my surprize neither was i provided any of the above mentioned documents Nor was i allowed to take my mobile phone without paying. I was made to wait for 2-3 hours but still no satisfactory explanation was given to me by the customer care or the service centre employees and manager.

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