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Samsung India Electronics Pvt. Ltd - 40"LED

Sir, i Richa Kayan would like to inform you that on 8th July 2014 I had purchased 2 television sets from Fundamental Electronic Pvt Ltd , Kolkata ( 1 Samsung Led UA40H5100, 40" Led TV & 1 Samsung Led UA24H4003, 24" Led TV). In the 40" TV black patches were seen on the screen, which was making the picture quality poor to be visualized so as a matter of concern I called up the store where i had purchased my TV sets, they asked to call customer care regarding this, so i called up customer care. they sent a technician to our home named S Ganguly, he said as the TV panel has openings on sides so dust has got accumulated inside the screen panel that is why black patches are visualize so it is better to change the panel. I asked him to replace the TV as this issue will occur in future because of the openings in either sides, but he gave requested them and said what if the same thing happens again after changing the panel, as right now it is under warranty you will change for free for me, but after warranty is over for the same thing you will ask me to pay money, so it will be better if you change the entire set but the technician refused to do so and assured me that this issue will never happen again and he changed the panel with zero cost. After almost 1 year of panel change the same problem was seen, so again I called up customer care again and narrated them the entire story, they sent their technician on 24/02/2016, fortunately he was the same person who had changed the panel, viewing the TV he gave me an estimate of RS 22452/- for change of Panel. He also completed his sentence by saying that last time he had replaced the panel at zero cost since it was under warranty but this time since the warranty is over i need to pay the amount for replacement. Making him remember the past I asked him that on your assurance only i had got the panel changed wherein i had asked for replacement of the set. Ignoring the whole communication he gave me the estimate and said he cannot do anything about it and he is SORRY It is evident that the set was faulty and was replaced once under warranty and now an amount of 23 K approx is needed for a purchase amount of 64 K , highly unethical on the part of such a reputed firm lot of mails have been shared but finally getting no result i would like to file a complaint against the company for replacement of TV Set i am attaching here with the copy of Invoice and the estimate for your kind reference Richa kayan

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