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SBI credit card - Un nessary bills

I have made full and final payment of credit card bill in feb 2016. After that i have received new card from them which i have not requested . Now they are sending me bills showing due amount of approximately 2200 rupees. But i have not even activated the card. I have also called customer service more than 5 times and i am getting different responses. First csa told your card was not closed , second CSA told u get a new card once i close it, which i dont know why. Third CSA told we will right of the bill, but i am still getting it. Fourth CSA told that my card was de activated in april and not in march'16. Now they have send me a new card in April'16. Now this time they told that you pay full and and we will give you revarsal after that, i know that due amount is never reversed. Requesting your intervention. Regards, Faiz khan, 7977681886

0 Apr 10, 2017 10:16 AM Business and Finances

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