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Samsung India Electronics Pvt. Ltd - 2 Car Chargers

i purchased 2 car chargers from Mr. Talk mobile shop located in meerut and i was adviced to keep the bill sice the warranty for 6 months is valid on presenting the bill. i have sent my subbordinate to the service centre who waited for a long tym there i. e more than an hour and after that he was adviced to bring the box of the charger along with the original bill. I already told dem that i left the boxes at the store itself and who keeps the box after buying the charger It must have been told by the sellor to keep the box of the charger. Both my chargers are not working since last 2 days and the reply i received from the authorized service center seems to be just like killing the time so that the customer waits at the centre for a long tym at their service centres and then give him such a foolish reply.

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