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S R Global services - Fraud company

Hello, Anyone there to help me out. I've invested in S R Global services, as they are aware of the refund amount which I have been asking for them, from long, on the project they have given to me. The project as I have shown interest after seen advertisement and asked for and after several conversations I took Amazon project which they offered to me and forced me to pay 50000rs, after asking as well if I am not able to complete will it be refundable, they accepted to that or change the project and at last changed their words. These is to bring to your notice that as from past few months i have not got any proper and trustful response from there side, only after I had put complaint on consumer forum, they bothered to reply me requesting and even forcing to remove the complaint, and I accepted for change in project but that people didn't bother to bring it in force, but since one week they are again forcing me to take the project, these happenings are enough for me to understand that my money is not safe with them and can't leave as these is my hard earned money, so any one please help me out to get back my money back...and also I tried to get their proper company address by telling my father is standing outside the company, so I've all the proof now. I request everyone to not invest to fraud company S R Global Services.

0 Nov 07, 2017 07:32 PM Business and Finances

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