Runnr Runnr Delivery Boy Did Not Delvier Food But Marked Delivered
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Runnr - Runnr Delivery Boy did not delvier food but marked Delivered

Hi, Please look into this. My order with Zomato ( ORDER NO: 1063757614 ) was supposed to be delivered by your RUnnr Boy SUDHIR BHASKAR SALSKAR ( 7506965748) . He very conveniently says he marked delivered when he entered the building and mentioned he did not have my conatact number. My only concern is I had paid it online and the runnr boy marked delivered and did not have the courtesy to even inform zomato regarding the same. And when i call him, he says he has gone home and cant deliver it now.

0 Jul 15, 2018 12:42 AM Restaurants and Bars

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