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Royal Sundaram General Insurance Company Ltd - Non payment of claim

Dear Sir, I am with Royal Sundaram for last 10 years. I have around 8 polices from them. I had raised a claim and they refused it. I had lost all hard documents of policy repayment hence did not have policy no. I called their helpline no. who refused to help my if i don't have policy no. This is not correct, their nos also are 16 to 20 digits and change each year. As I lost all policy documents, I asked them to send me soft copies of all my policies. The customer relations department is helpless as they say they know I have 8 policies but are not able to retrieve it. They shared 6 policy documents to me by soft copy, I am awaiting two more policies which I have with them. The customer relations department seems more like a company relations department. I have had 8 to 9 calls with them and have sent equal number of mails they don't respond as per their timeline. Please verify their process and also TPA as it is in house and hence refusing claims for frivolous reason. My mobile no. is 98203 55826 Best Regards, Rajesh Ramesh Dhaktode

0 Mar 14, 2017 06:34 PM Business and Finances

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