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Royal Enfield - miss behaviour by Dealer and company

Left my New bike classic 500 ABS STEALTH BLACK for first free service on 8 dec 2018 at Royal Enfield Authorised Dealer Sri Velavan Motors service Thousand Lights Chennai they said my battery is drained so have to replace with new battery after 12 days yesterday they said new battery was fitted and bike is ready for delivery but when i visited the service centre nothing was serviced it was parked as dusty and dirty not even wiped or cleaned for dust adding to this they taken my new battery and replaced with old battery from their workshop(literally they taken my vehicle parts) by knowing this i started to shout them and video them in my mobile and the service guy started to throw his lunch box and made me scary of assaulting on me really bad things happened i dono what to do next so i left the bike there and came back very worst experience with this service centre life threatening threats

0 Dec 21, 2018 09:25 AM Cars Parts and Vehicles

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