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Rifle Factory Ishapore Kolkata - Warranty not giving

Hi my names is loveroop singh from amritsar last year i bought 30-06 in 7/5/2015 from arm dealer ( Anand gun house amritsar ) the rifle totally brust after 2 round and total   damage and dived into 2 parts after one month after purchase then i told to dealer and he said to me your rifel is in under warranty u have to submit this rifle in kolkata ishapore gun shell factory they will solve your problem , in 02/02/2016 i submit my broken rifle in ishapore factory , after 5,6 months they said to me letter and ask to pay 86,500 thousand to repair this rifle , is too much money but ill pay in November with 86,500 cheque after 3 month they (Mr bagat in Marketting) call me and said your rifle is fully repaired and you can take your rifle its ready . In 01/04/2017 I visited in factory at 12 pm Monday and mr.bagat said we are very sorry by mistake we call .you can stay 3 days in kolkata hotel so we can repair  i stayed for 3 days and prince hotel near station. After 3 days i call (mr bagat )  he said to me plz you can  go back to your city we call you when your rifel is ready  we are very sorry , , so please tel me how this work this is not easy to travel 6 days in train and spend 10000 rupees and waisted time , so please help me to solve this problem its 2 year past but they didnt give me rifle and they charge me alot money , my phone number is +919888421090

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