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Research bhaskar - Fraud

Hello, I have attached the Deposit slip to the email My name is Jagmeet SIngh and I have been cheated from one of your employees of reasearch bhaskar, I was called by a person by the name Gopal as to what he introduced me and convinced me to takeup paid service with research bhaskar and also gave a day of free trial from Research Bhaskar. I was asked to transfer 5000 rs to an SBI account and when I questioned him to why am I transferring to his personal instead of the company account. I was told the company will charge me commmsion on the profit, Therfore I enede up tranferring 5000 Rupees to his personal account on 07/10/2017. Since then he has used my Demat account and has traded for 3 days and stopped trading therafter and now his phone is not rechable anymore. I called in the customer service number listed on your website 7441110040 on the 19th and spoke to someone by the name Abhishek and he told me that I shall callback on the 23rd as there was nobody there to take my complaint . Today I received a Phone call from Digvijay from 9617242824 asking me questions insted of taking my compalaint. I request somebody take action towards this or i will file a fraud complaint towards Gopal and Research Bhaskar. I request someone recahes out to with the conclusion . Do reach out to me on 9700850430 I transferred 5000 Rupees to below details Account Number: 3509690023 Ifsc Code 0003397 Bank Name : SBI [email protected] Name on the Account: Gopal Phone Number: 8269702775

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