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Reliance communication - balance is charged

My no. is reliance 8010335843, on this no. balanced is charged from main account instead of data balance(98MB) balance was about Rs.35 (didn't remember correctly) I tried to call customer care with my no. But can't connect, when I call on 30333333 once the call is disconnected I again called and your representative said now it's ok,your complain is registered andyou can use your data and no balance will be charged from main account and charged balance from main account will be refunded in 4 hrs. At that time my main balance was₹23 . I use internet then and my balance was again charged from main account instead of data. Now I lost about Rs30, and data 98MB .So I want it refunded as soon as possible. This was happened previous year also and no refund was given to me. Also tell me another way contacting you than(*333,30333333) because these no. doesn't,t work correctly and your representative disconnect call many times.....

0 Jan 12, 2017 09:29 PM Telecommunications

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