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Reliance communication - Taken 22 days Days To Restore Fault in Connection, Send Full Bill, Weiver Given 10 days

Hello, This complain is Regarding Service & Billing issue for my Connection No. 352251848751 for the period of 31 Oct to 21 Nov. The connection was out of Order form 31 Oct to 21 Nov. As usual, we never complain if connection fails for one or two days. on 3/4 Nov i tried to contact local reliance service personal, but he did picked up. on 5 Nov I contacted Reliance customer care, but he tried some trouble shooting on mobile, and not given any Complaint No. same day i informed by Email to company. Unfortunately company is so responsive that without calling to me, They had just generated an Complain No. on 7 Nov. And never called back to me ever. from 07 to 19 Nov, on daily basis i contact customer care, they had never called me from there side. on 21 same local technician contacted me that he want to change wire of my connection, and on 21 Nov evening my connection restored. When i asked for waiver for non-working faulty period from 31 Oct to 21 Nov. They had asked me to give proof for my complains before 7th Nov and that connection is restored on 21 Nov. As per there record, it is certified that Connection is not working from 07 Nov to 18 Nov. 11 Days. and for the same period they had given me waver. It is very unfortunate that, That your company actually have no regret for your fake promises for my registered complain. (1)Complain No. 251702929 – Received On 7 Nov Without talking to me , They had just generated this complaint number, on the basis of my email send on 06.11.2011 (Email Copy (Proof No 1) Attached for ready proof), you can also check your email inbox. Its clearly informed by email on 6 Nov. As I had talked to coustomer care on 5 Nov itself and he just tried some trouble shooting by asking me to restart modem, and wait for some time. Without wasting more time, I just mailed on your email id on 6 nov . Someone Just registered That on 7th Nov Without talking to me. AFTER GOT THAT SMS ON 11.53 AM, I CALLED BACK AGAIN TO COUSTOMER CARE, THEY ENSURED ME TO RECTIFY THE PROBLEM WITHIN 24 HOURS. (2)Complain No. 251785172 Received On 09 Nov FOR TERMINATION OF SERVICE REQUEST: Waited for two days , Called back again on 9 Nov for confirming status of my complain, And that day, Actually your executive ACCEPTED that no one had contacted me from company side. On same call I asked him that its more than 10 days now, and no one actually cares for customers problem, so kindly Terminate my connection. Same by Email On 9 Nov (Copy Attached - Proof No 2 ) (3)On 10 Nov 2016, For Complain No. 251785172 , Received first time call from reliance, One gentle man asked me for 48 hours time to restore connection, And he will give confirm waver of the period for which connection is not working, I clearly told him that my connection is not working from 31 Oct, and my complain is not get registered on 5 Nov because your customer care person started doing trouble shooting on call, and I wrote mail on 6 Nov. And someone just given complain ID on SMS on 7th Nov. The promise is for full waver for non working period itself on that day. On 12 Nov 2016, after waiting two days, I wrote a mail again ((Copy Attached - Proof No 3), After 13 days my connection is not restored, and hence again requested, if it is not possible to restore, kindly just terminate my connection. Don’t ask for more 24/48 hours time. (4) On 12 Nov, Received Email From Arti Pharalay, Officer-Customer Care (Copy Attached Proof No-4) saying “The complaint about billing issue registered vide Service Request ID 251805291 has been resolved. The necessary waiver of Rs.Rs.321/- (including service tax) has been posted to your account.” Instently i informed Customer Care on call that issue has not resolved yet. Again they asked for 48 more hours (5)Again Called on 14.11.2016 Customer Care and They again given Complain No . 251863306 (6)Again Called on 16.11.2016 Customer Care and They again given Complain No . 251960972 (7)Again Called on 18.11.2016 Customer Care and They again given Complain No . 251702929 (8)Again Called on 19.11.2016 Customer Care and They again given Complain No . 252065327, Asked for 48 more hours (9)Emailed on 20.11.2016 for Status or if not possible to restore, cancellation of connection They replied via SMS and Again given Complain No . 252065327, Asked for 48 more hours I had regularly complaint on call and by email upto 21 Nov, Until my connection not get restored properly. (Given Proof of Email in Attachment , Same can be checked from your email box) If On 12 Nov, (For 13 days ) My waiver is of Rs. 321, Just want to know my waiver of period 31 Oct to 21 Nov. Total 20 days. Harsh Vardhan Singh 9560440876

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