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Reliance communication - Request for Termination Reliance Broadband Connection [T2016111701NAS010Z3325852]

hello sir, i was used reliance broadband service before 2 month ago. but my issue is billing. they did not terminate my service and dispatch bill every month. i have already request for terminate my service. but service not stop. i provide some information about this problem. 1. my internet connection is not working from 29 aug 2016. 2. first time i complaint on customer care on 07 sept 2016 3. they tell me some server issue on my area. 4. then after tell me service suspended by bill payment. 5. i had payed bill on 9 sept 2016. 6. service not start 7. continue this problem....... 8. ...........till sept and oct...... 9. bill regular dispatch..... 10. i send a mail for customer care regarding termination..... 11. ......i got mail this is given below... Dear Customer, We acknowledge receipt of your request for termination of the service. We apologise for not meeting your expectation this time for the services provided by us. As requested, termination process is initiated for the subscriber ID 348080130732. Kindly note the rental of your service will be stopped from 2016-11-10. Our representative will be visiting you for the collection of the equipment installed by RCOM at your premises for running the services. Please handover the equipment to him. Kindly also note in the event of non return of this equipment, you will be charged 1500 in the final bill which will be sent to you after collection of this equipment. Any unbilled usage will also be charged in this bill towards full and final settlement. The collection of the equipment may take 7-10 days depending on your availability. You may contact us at 1800 3000 7777 (toll free) or write to us at [email protected] for any clarification. Regards, Yours truly, Reliance Customer Care Reliance Broadband Subscriber ID 348080130732 The request for service cancellation is already registered with Service Request ID 251793347 (on 10-11-2016 at 11:04:24 AM), which is in process and it will be processed within 15 days from the time request has been logged. then after i got last mail from bill deprt. Nicolas Dec 27 (2 days ago) to me Dear Customer, Greetings from Reliance Communications!!! This is to bring to your notice that there is a pending outstanding of Rs. 1274.1199999999999 against Reliance Communication Mobile Number 100000123119132 having CAF Number 100000123119132 issued on the name of MAHESH SHARMA. The number has now been terminated and amount of Rs. 1274.1199999999999 is recoverable on your name. This payment has to be done asap within 2 days of the receipt of this communication as the account moves to Recovery department for legal actioning. Please clear the outstanding and revert back for any queries on the account. You can also contact Mr. neeraj at 9654480562 between 10:00AM to 06:00PM in any working day. This payment can be done by cash at any of Reliance Communication Outlets located in different locations across Delhi – NCR. Thanks & Regards, Nicolas Management Authorized by Reliance Communications Delhi

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