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Reliance communication - Non Availability of proper network due to which unable to make or receive calls from mobiles. Also no information given to the prepaid consumer by way of messages or emails before hand in case of any technical problems & causing grave inconvenience to the prepaid consumers.

This is to bring to your notice the grave & great amount of inconvenience being metted out to helpless & hapless prepaid consumers of Reliance communication in the great country called India. I have been a consumer of the services rolled out by Reliance communication since it's inspection in the world of Indian Mobile Telecommunication arena in the early days of Telecom revolution in India.In those good old & initial days of Reliance Mobiles they were one of the Best Networks Available , even though some short falls existed in their CDMA Networks from time to time. Then , they had the sense that they were New Enterants & would respond to consumer grieviences at least on persistent complaints. But ever since they have switched over their activity from earlier 2g CDMA network to the present 4g GSM network since June 2016 , they have become one of the worst Networks in India & also an arrogant & don't care a damn for the consumers group of companies. I hereby want to show you the pathetic situation in which a Reliance Communication Prepaid Consumer is in, that Since the 1st of June 2016 we the then existing Prepaid Consumers of Reliance 2g CDMA were forced to migrate to Reliance 4g GSM even though we were offered life time Period in CDMA Network till 2021 with 50paise per minute calling charges for out going calls & free in common calls. Since being forced to migrate from CDMA Network to GSM Network we had to altogether abandon our Old existing mobile CDMA HandSets which we were Earlier Using & had to Buy New 4g HandSets which were much costlier . Also we were forced to pay for the New 4g GSM Sims @ 100/- R's. Per Sim & had to adopt to the New Offers Rolled out by the company for no fault of ours. All the existing plans offered earlier in CDMA Network were withdrawn with out any options to the Existing PrePaid Consumers. Now that we have Passed 6 Months time since the Forced Migration by the Reliance Communications, we the PrePaid Consumers are still do not have the proper access to Call Connectivity in my City of Hyderabad. The network does show full Network on the 4g GSM Mobiles but to the utterly hapless & helpless PrePaid or PostPaid Consumer we are not able to make calls or receive calls on our mobiles from the same Network let alone other Networks. Having Complaint about this inconvenience to the Customer Care Personnel through the Complaints Mechanism no.198 only Available Repeatedly and having found no Respite & Rectification in the Connectivity Conditions even as of today 04-01-2017 after repeated Complaints , I am forced to Register my DisContent & Serious Complaint at your office. Hope this Complaint is taken up seriously & at utmost urgency to help us the PrePaid & Post paid Consumers of Reliance Communications from the plight of Owning a 4g Mobile & not being able to use it to make or receive calls which is the basic necessity for which any person carries or Owns a Mobile Phone & for which any person is paying the required amount of money for any or all the plans offered by any & every Network in this big Country called India including The Great Reliance Communications which is issue in concern. Hoping for a Resolution for the above said Problems at the earliest & appropriate Action / fines being imposed on the above said Company for the utter inconvenience caused to All The PrePaid & PostPaid Consumers for such long time without any Remorse or Proper Complaint Redressal Mechanism in place. I Santthosh no. 9396991440 , from Kukatpally , Hyderabad , Telangana.

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