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Reliance communication - Connection is not being terminated on several request

Dear Sir, I had raised a termination request for services of reliance on 15th Dec 2016. I was informed that I would get a call within 48 hours which I received however the connection was still not terminated. Also the connection was used from 29th Nov 2016, which is the billing date till the 3rd of Dec 2016, post which I have raised several complaints. Despite of raising complaints everyday and still not getting the resolution on the same, I have decided to terminate the services provided by this company. Even if I had received a call on 17th of Dec 2016 to confirm my termination request still the services have not been terminated. After all this still a fresh bill was generated for month of December which was duly paid on 26th of Dec 2016 even though the services were not at all used except for first & days. My strong request to court is the worthless services provided by reliance broadband is to kindly terminate and provide us with a waiver for the period that I have not used the internet service (from 4th Dec to 29th Dec 2016). Attaching all the E-mails and complain ID for any further reference. Complain IDs: 252961743, 252902705, 252820848, 252760125, 252760025, 252736812, 252688988, 252652771, 252605195 Regards,

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