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Reliance communication - Billed for unusable broadband services of 5 months & later disconnected request was fraudulently not registered

I had taken broadband subscription from reliance on 28th july 2016. Since then have not been able to use it. My subscriber number is 325440849423 I had contacted the local personnel multiple times who installed the line. Complaint was registered by him once but still the issue is not addressed. I tried to lodge complaint online but it asked for account number that I was never communicated of. I called up customer care, they mentioned my data was not uploaded. So as a result I could not lodge any complaints on my own I dropped emails to reliance broadband. I only got responses that they will look into the matter but there was no resolution. After few months I called up customer care to complaint. This time I got the account number. All this while I was paying for services that I was never able to use. I called up customer care on 16/11/2016 to disconnect the service request no: 251959549, person handled the call : ashwin they took whooping 7 days to call back in order to confirm whether I really want to disconnect. I said no. I was told things will be handled accordingly. To my surprise today I recieved a bill Rs. 1807.44 I called up customer care. I was in disbelief to know that the diconnect request of mine was not confirmed by Relaince's retention department. Reliance is one big fraudster company. I want to get rid of reliance and the torture that I am going through as soon as possible.

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