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Rediff Shopping - Not delivering the product after booking,ultimately refunded the money after 15-30 days

Initially I booked a 13mm super power electric drill machine on 22.08.16,order no 13734017,product supplied on 26.8.16 but the product supplied which I have not ordered of lesser capacity. They taken back the product but not replaced,ultimately refund process initiated on 21.09.16. Similarly on 02.12.16 again I booked 2cosco cb 88 badminton racket,order no 13984730,not delivered the product which was suppose to be delivered within 3 days,again on 16.12.16 refund process initiated. Again on 16.12.16 I booked the same product order no 14014486,they ate suppose to deliver within 3 days but very unfortunate that till date they have not delivered the product nor any information, my strong belief,this time also they will refund the money.They are neither taking any actions against the particular vender not stopping displaying the same product on their site.I belief their businesses policy is to collecting money from so many customers and taking interest out of it and refunding the money after 15-30 days You are requested to take proper action against them,if they are unable ti supply a product why displaying in their site?why they are giving false promise to the customers, why they can not take action against that particular vender?

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