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Rediff Shopping - After booking product not delivering the product in time and after 15 days or so refunding the money.

I have booked 2 nos Cosco CB 88 Badminton Racket,booking no 13984730 @ Rs.499/-on 2.12.16 and confirming they will deliver the same by 05.12.16.On 06.12.16 they send me a message that on 06.12.16 the product is likely to be dispatched.Again on 16.12.16 they send a message that they are refunding my money and same will be deposited within 7 working days.On the same date after seeing the same display once again I booked the same above mentioned product and confirming that they will deliver it by 20.12.16.But till date they have not delivered the product.My strong belief that this time also after 20-25 days they will refund the money.While contacting they are telling that venders are not supplying.How they can do the same thing again and again,neither they are taking any actions against and showing the same display again and again promising that they will supply the product within 3 days.I belief that Rediff shopping is involved with this racket,collecting money from so many customers taking interest for 20-25 days and ultimately refunding the money.In order to stop the false promise you are requested to strong actions against Rediff Shopping/

0 Dec 21, 2016 05:19 PM Sports and Recreation

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