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Rahul shankar - Unauthorised transaction even haven't limit in credit card

I have Kotak mahindra credit card and SBI credit card. I have not much credit limit in this both credit card but on 7th April 2time 29k and 28k transaction has been done by someone even without PIN number coz i was in china and no one knows me and my car's pin number even not much limit in that card and same transaction has been also done in sib credit card but one time 29k. Both cars have not limit more than 5k-8k so how can it's possible to transfer 90000 by both credit card so i'm doing complain against both bank coz of without credit limit and pin number how can it was possible and main is without credit limits bank transfers 30000 three times????? Please take same actions against bank coz bank ask me about FRI in china??? Hows possible? In china and FRI if in india is wll be ok but i dnt knw about this unauthorised transaction so how can is possible? 1st question is how can is possible with credit limit fund transfer??? If it is possible so ask to bank, inform me about it?? Thank you Rahul shankat

0 Apr 11, 2017 08:50 AM Banks

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