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in contempt of making advance payment to idea still Idea is rejecting our portable application, it is getting so hectic and difficult to all of us as we are facing network and other problems due to those problems we want to port all nos. in Vodafone but after doing all the procedure and payment (even done the advance payment for next billing) but still Idea is rejecting our application due to non payment and when we gave the payment proof (UTR NO. and online payment detail) so now we are getting only one reply your idea manager will get back in touch with us we have already had discussion with our idea a/c manager. It is really disgusting, Idea service is really poor can anybody let us know what can be done against Idea.

1 Dec 15, 2016 05:16 PM Telecommunications

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is it a fake site, till now i have not received any positive response from Idea as well as from Consumer Forum.

Dec 20, 2016 12:00 AM