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RAILWAY DEPARTMENT - Forcing the traveller to pay the penalty only through cash and doing some open corruption.

After demonitisation Indian railway doesn't have any debit/credit card swap machine. They charged the fine of rupees 1240 against the PNR number 6661816792, for carrying an extra baggage of 25 kg. I was ready to pay the penalty but they told me pay the penalty only by cash. I didn't have enough cash so told them that I will pay it through debit card. There was no card swap machine. One side our honourable Prime Minister Mr. Modi is saying to go cash less, on the other side in the government organisation like Indian Railways doesn't have any card swap machine and staff forcing to the traveller to pay the penalty in cash only. More importantly there was no rule mentioned in the ticket that each traveller can carry upto 40 k.g of baggage. Later on they do some corruption to allow me the gate clearance by reducing the amount to 810 rupees. This amount reduction was done by a fake ticket. That ticket was some one else's and they reduce the travelling distane, they reduce the number of traveller and they reduce the penalty accordingly. This is a open corruption.

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