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Punjab National Bank - Misbehaviour of bank employees

Dear sir I am writing this mail to bring to your focus the misbehaviour of employees of your bank of Bhusawar branch . They abused and even got physical with my father. The name of accountant is Vinay Kumar who abused and bank manager Satpal Singh. That is such a bad impact of your bank on us that if continues we will close our account in your bank. Also another problem is of issuing check book. My father asked to issue a check book of 50 checks but they themselves issued a check book of 100 checks. That is tomorrow even they can withdraw cash from our account Some serious are to be taken by you to stop your customer face such problems. My account details are given below: Acc. Holder name- Krishna Singhal Acc. Number- 72860021401005 Mobile number- 8104394774 Yours faithfully Kamesh Singhal Please urgently Reply within three days

0 Dec 15, 2016 06:43 PM Banks

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