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Prayag Pathology Laboratories - Excess charge taken and report of civil hospital given for the sample given in private laboratory. Report was also given late.

i took my brother for the dengue test at the 'Prayag Pathology laboratories' on 26.11.2016. the lab misguided us that they will send the sample to bhopal for Dengue test & charged 950 Rs.from me. Later on after 3 days they gave us the report of Dengue published by Civil Hospital, Ratlam dtd. 26.11.2016 with a different doctor name in reference. Due to their negligence my brother who was suffering from dengue got seriously ill & we took him to Indore for treatment. They Charged Rs. 950/- & handed report of Civil Hospital where the test is free of cost. The bill of Prayag Lab didn't have any registration number and doctors name on it. We gave sample for test to private laboratory while report handed to us was of government hospital.

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