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Pigeon Gas - Pigeon 4 burner Glass stove bursted

My mother and my wife were cooking chapatis in kitchen when the glass stove busted and in thousands of pieces and glass pieces flied everywhere .My wife is 9 months pregnant and it was God grace that no one got injured . We took the pigeon gas through bharat has agency in mumbai in Oct '14. Since i moved in Bangalore I called the customer care of bharat gas and pigeon no one gave any importance and they just sent an engineer after that they spoke very rudely and asked me to pay for the glass top . It was not our fault as the glass top just bursted while cooking so I said i do not want glass top please replace it with steel normal stove.They denied and asked us to pay for glass top , i am too afraid to use glass stove as it can again happen and can lead to a very fatal accident in the above case we got lucky. The manager said go and do whatever you want . I would request consumer forum to kindly look into the matter and help us to get the right compensation.

0 Jan 04, 2017 10:01 AM Home and Garden

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