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Paytm - The money has not been sent to my bank but is being deducted from my paytm wallet

Innitially paytm worked fine and i quite liked it. I used paytm for almost all possible transactions especially after the demonetisation. But recently i tried to send around 1200 rupees from my paytm account to my bank account and it was shown as successful but i haven't reveived the amount yet. Usually it took upto 7 days for the money to be put in the account but this time it has been quite long and my money hasn't been put in the account. And I also made a second transaction where i tried to put the money from my bank account into paytm wallet but the transaction status was shown as failed. And later after about 10 minites i got a message from the union bank which said that the amount had been deducted from my account but it hasn't been put into my paytm wallet yet. I made several complaints but they never got back to me

0 Dec 26, 2016 05:08 PM Internet Services

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