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Paytm - Money deducted from bank but amount not update in wallet.

Hello team, On 25 Dec 2016 I was trying to add rs 5000/- in paytm wallet when I completed my transaction it was failed and amount deducted from my corporation bank but amount not update in my paytm wallet failed order no is 2457387785 and my failed transaction ID is 6505509872 transaction ID given to me paytm customers care Center when I was put the complaint in paytm app and also mails I was waited on 25 Dec 2016 that my amount will be update and order will be successful but it was not update then I put the complain, they told me with in a 7 days amount will be update in your pay tm wallet either bank account but amount is not update I wrote approx 10 mails on the pay tm care every time I got system generated mails, that I apologize and all that your amount will be refund shortly with in a 7 days nobody take care my complaint as a priority when I told them I will put complaints on consumer then I got one mail, please provide us your transaction ID and order which I already give them after that I give them once again all details then 10 days past but no reply I put once again complain mail on paytm care then I got one mail please provide us bank statement if I already give them all details then why they are asking me again and again details. And now I give them bank statement still I haven't receive my amount rs 5000/-. I respectfully request to you kindly check it out and solve my prob asap, I attached all details and give order no and transaction failed I'd and bank statement kindly check this. Thanks, Ashif Hussain

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