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Pahwa Ford, Mathura Road, Faridabad - Misguided, Wasted Time, Were Charging Unnecessarily

Sir Invoice No. SIP16B00315 Invoice Date: 4 April. 2017 Customer No. CU000397 Service Advisor : Amanullah Mrkt Manager: Mr Adil I am sorry to say but I am very much disappointed with the after sales service of ford for old vehicles. I went on 13th April with my vehicle registration number DL3CF9623, to your recently inaugurated Ford Service Centre Pahwa Ford , Faridabad to get my Ford Fusion 2007 fan relay changed as it was faulty and also to get coolant leakage repair done. The Marketing Manager Mr Adil had assured me two weeks prior visit that the same would be done immediately on my visit. But that day the Sevice Advisor Mr Amanullah and his team didn't even touch my vehicle before me. The very next day they reported around 12 pm that they need to change entire engine wiring and fan motor which would cost around Rs 40,000 in totality. Though it was mere a relay issue. When I got angry they said that they would be re-checking. The next day they said that wiring and motor was working but the point where all wires are connected was faulty and it would cost Rs 15000. For mere coolant leakage they said entire cooling system costing around 24000 needs to be changed. Thus, I filled customer satisfaction for highlighting completely dissatisfied for they try generating false bill fooling the customers. I paid Rs 2339 for a good for nothing job. Of course Rs 543 after discount, the coolant bottle was genuinely charged, rest in vain. I request you to refund the additional charges and take strict action against them because when I took my vehicle to another motor mechanic the very day, he just changed the relay for Rs 300 and fan started working within 10 mins. Next I went to radiator mechanic and he did repair work in mere 2 hours for Rs 800. Thus, ford was charging approx Rs 70,000 instead of Rs 11,00. Either your engineers are illiterate or your dealers are cheat. Take necessary actionst against Ford Pahwa, Mathura Road, Faridabad and ask them to apologise for the same . Else I will be filing a case against Ford India in consumer court. Waiting for immediate response, apology and refund. Regards Dharmendra Sisodia

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