Vodafone India Package Not Changed
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Vodafone India - Package not changed

Hi, Vodafone had recently rolled out an offer where they offering 9GB free data for 3 months. I had opted for the same. On 1st of Feb 2017, I had contact the Vodafone call centre to confirm if that offer will still continue on my account since I was not sure if I have completed 3 months from the time I had opted for the free data offer. I was informed by the call centre representative that the free data will be able for me for the entire month of web and also the Vodafone app stated the same information. However this information provided to me by the app and also by the call centre representative was incorrect and I was for access internet. I had highlighted this issue with appellate at Vodafone and the corporate offer and after about a 1 months time they agreed that it was a fault from there and to settle the complaint they gave a waiver on my bill and also as compensation they gave 3GB free data till March 2018. Vodafone had recent introduced a few new packages and to enquire about the same I had contacted the call centre and I was informed about super 349 plan which offers better benefits compared to my current and that to at a lower cost. I request the representative to change my package, however I was advised to send an email to [email protected] to change my package. The representative also informed me that if I change by package my free 3GB data addon will dropped. I tried explaining that it was given to me as a compensation, the representative informed to contact the corporate since the discount was provided by however refused share the contact number for the corporate office. I highlight this issue to the appellate team of Vodafone on 28th of March 2017, where a representative from appellate team contact me on 31st of March 2017 and informed me that package will be changed to the one I want and also the free data addon will be activated. After sometime I receive an email from the appellate team stating the package changed request has already been registered and will be actioned in 48 hours however the free data addon will not be activated. I happened to write back to the appellate team highlightimg them I was promised something over the phone and the email that I have received is completely different. On the following I get a call from a different representative(Waqar Khan) from appellate team who was rude and disrespectful and stated that the package will be changed but the free data addon will not continue. I tried explains him that was promised to me on 31st of March 2017. I also requested him to get call heard on which I was promised that the package will change and also the free 3GB data addon will be activated. Waqar refused to listen to call and stated that on 99.99% calls gets recorded and my call is not recorded (with even check any systems). I went to Vodafone store in bhayander west and who denied to register my complaint as they wanted to document my complaint the way they want it and in fact the store person Naket Sayyed was interrupting me, over talking me and yelling at me. Post which I am chasing up with different teams at Vodafone - Appellate, social media, call centre, store, etc and all they ask me to do is wait till the end of the day and there is no outcome. I wish to escalate this matter further would really appreciate your help. My name is Abdulkadir Safri and my Vodafone number is 9769728486

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