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Others - Sadhima petrolium HP Petrol Pump disputes on new 2000 note

Dated 22nd Dec, 2016 on 11.08 AM, I have reached at subjected petrol pump Near Kiran Motors , Near Shyam Puja Bung Motera Sabarmati, Motera, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380005, for refill fule in my bike. Before I have requested for fule, I have clearly inform service boy that I have Rs.2000 note, he informed me he don't have a change than I have refuse to refill my bike than he has told me I will give u change from petrol pump office. Than after I was agreed for petrol worth Rs.200/-. He had sold me Rs.200/- Petrol and I have given him my Rs.2000/- New note which have withdrawal from my atm on 21st Dec and it was brand new. After talk with nearby other service boy, 1st one service boy had told me that he don't have a change. I have given him excuse that I informed u earlier that I don't have money in cash accept this 2000/- note. He went to his office and after two min, petrol pump manager cum to me and returned my note with argument that there is a small mark with pen on my 2000/- note (it was written 45 with pen on 2000 note). I was very surprised that how can it possible bcoz that note was I have withdraw from atm and it was brand new. I have informed him that there is no rules of RBI that if 2000/- note has any mark than it is not a valid currency. But that man has informed me in strong word that return my petrol or leave your helmet until I not pay his 200/- or pay immediately and leave!!! I was have no option and I have to pay via debit card with cut to cut balance. The main point is that the story was created by petrol pump executives and owner bcoz they don't have a change. But my question is only that if they did't have change than they have to inform me rather than to interfere with my 2000/- note. I have asked him to show me your cctv footage to check who has done mark on my currency and they have refused to show me. This kind of petrol pump must be punished.

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