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Nestaway Technologies - Outside it looks good but frok inside they are pathetic & Non-cooperative

What they promised me : 1) Maid charges for once in two week cleaning. 2) Geyser 3) Will do any home maintenance 4) Regular once in month check-up of fitting, water etc. What I am getting : 1) Maid never showed up and now they are saying they have withdrawn the service. 2) There is no geyser in my room and even after 100 calls, still not yet fixed. 3) Trust me, they don't know what exactly that means. 4) I stayed for 3 days without even a single drop of water in the tank and took off to office because I cant go without taking bath. it was horrible. Some blunders : 1) My friend referred me and still she dint get the referral bonus. Shared Bank details almost 3weeks ago but still nothing is happening 2) Customer care ? sucks, they have a standard reply I) Please raise the ticket II) We have escalated to concern department and issue will be sorted out ASAP. 3) Email support ? Oh, god, I don't think they read our emails. my ticket is not responded from past two weeks Nestaway : Don't promise if you cant do it

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