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user_icon - I have called customer service and they disconnects the call and did not resolve the issue

I have ordered a pair of jeans and pair of shoes and side by side I have ordered second order of another pair of jeans same time. The order was placed on the same address at that time and I have received one order which is pair of jeans and pair of shoes and did not receive the another order of pair of jeans. When I called the customer service they provide me reason that your address is not complete. You have incomplete address provided on the website. And when I said I need te talk with your supervisor they disconnects the call. I have tried 3 times and they disconnects the call 2 times while connecting to the supervisor and third time they said we do not have any resolution of your issue. I have a complaint number of my complaint regarding the same. The complaint number is 170117-052583. And I have recordings of their calls also which I called to the customer service. Please respond to my issue as soon as possible and resolve the concern.

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