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Muthoot Finance Limited - Complaint against Muthoot Finance for Gold Loan Repayment

This is about my loan account, I took Gold loan of Rs.99,900 from Muthoot Finance, Dighi, Pune on 03/09/2016. And I went for close the loan on 1st April 2017. So as to support digital payment, I choose an option to pay by Debit card. I paid the amount of Rs.105000 by Debit card with extra charge of Rs.28/-. My account got debited, but it was not get credit to Muthoot because of technical problem in their system. so they didn't close and not gave my gold. And said that please come on tomorrow, it will get credit. I keep following to muthoot Dighi branch. they never close the account and saying that we are working on this. After 2-3 days, they told your transaction got failed. Hence you have to contact the bank. So I lost of both side interest, even though my account got debited. So again after these 3 days, I gave cheque of Rs.105,000 different account (as it was not possible to me withdraw such high amount and deposit to the muthoot branch). It was again a discussion with their staff as soon as debited to my account, I can came for taking a my gold. So far 4 days have passed and cheque got cleared from my account on 2 days back. I am keep following to these guys, and still they are not closing the account and not handing over my Gold. Now, from 1st incident 8 days are over and so far I didn't get back the credit to my account and 4 days are over from 2nd incident and amount debited from my account. Now I am completely block of with my own amount of Rs.210,000 and still the muthoot loan is running. Right now, Interest is running on Muthoot account and from 8 days I am losing the interest of both the saving account of Rs.210,000. Because of negligence of muthoot finance staff. They even not bother our pain, what the customer is facing. I am completely financially blocked because od the incidents. And still I need to pay the Interest on muthoot loan. This is ridiculous treatment to the customer, and their staff have arrogant behaviour. if we take loan, they are charging the interest from day one, even though our account is not credit. But we are repaying the loan honestly, and our account got debiting, even though they are charging the interest with reason that their account not credited. This is the ridiculous, So I am complaining and also suggesting please do not choose muthoot Finnace for Gold loan. I am the customer of muthoot since 8-10 years, But they are giving treatment like this to esteem customers.

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