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Modern inverter sector 63 Noida - R.O leaking

We have taken Annual maintenance of R.O and inverter from Modern Inverters owner Gaurav Sharma.We paid ₹1500 for the inverter and ₹3500 for the R.O.They had said they will check both these items every month but they DONOT do it.If we ring them up then they may show up after a few days.Now Inspite of telling them that my R.O has been leaking for the past 20days no action has been taken.The owner Gaurav keeps his phone switched off and the employee Pramod is so rude that even after waiting for 20 days he says 'Sabr nahin hai to paise wapas le lo kaat kar doonga aur dene nahin aonga lekar jao 'As if he is doing us a favour.Kindly get my entire money refunded as they have provided no services to us till now.

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