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Mi India - Mi shipped products and mi askd couriers to reject delivery

Sir, I am Nazir Hussain, I purchased the products from mi store and I have attached the awb/ tracking number and order number of those shipments which are illegally returning by the Delhivery courier at Dimapur khermal Nagaland & Guwahati based courier. I did not cancel the order. Why they are returning? I need the items. Its Going beyond of my hand as the ''Delhivery courier in dimapur are returning all those shipments'' whereas I never cancelled the orders nor do I said to return, I asked them to hold for 3 to 5 days. I want all the parcels, the name includes ' victor frankenstein, albert einstin, nazir Hussain'' All those shipments have been shipped by 'Delhivery Courier'' I requested them to hold the products for 3-to 5 days but seems their Guwahati's and delhi's department has asked those parcels to return. The Delhivery office at khermal Dimapur are illogically returning the shipments which I ordered. I need resolution, Why they updating fake status, Is this the service they are providing? they simply said that Guwahati's & Delhi's delhivery office has asked them to Return which I believed to be a blatant lie. But I want all the parcels, kindly do the needful. I need complete resolution, The products are very very important to me, I will not stop commenting unless I get my products, I will comment in all websites including consumer court, I need the item, kindly email delhivery to re attempt the delivery. I hereby enclose all the Tracking numbers & order numbers. Nazir Hussain Dimapur 797112 Nagaland Ph.no.7005129279 8974538758

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