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Maruti suzuki - Baleno - non delivery inspite payment

I booked a Baleno on 28 May 17, which the dealer acknowledged by mail advising a waiting of 16 weeks. Upgraded to automatic transmission a week later, expecting delivery by September end. In September end received calls from different persons of the dealer to ready the amount as car delivery is to be made in navratri. However, things quited down, and in response to my query I received a fresh mail that my booking of 12 September is delayed. As my booking was of 28 May and not September 12, I made a complaint to Maruti, for which I received an acknowledgement but nothing further. I suspect the car booked by me has been sold to someone else and his booking date shown as mine in the email, hence complaint. The dealer informed me that my car has arrived and I may pay the amount in full and take delivery on 3 Nov. I sent a sum of Rs 318 780.00 by RTGS and took a banker's cheque for Rs 4 80 000.00 with a letter and form 34 duly signed from my financing bank. Initially the dealer refused receipt of payment by RTGS, but when provided with proof and time of receipt of payment by HDFC bank their banker's , they relented then in spite of getting telephonic confirmation for issuance of banker's cheque for my banker, a nationalised bank, I was ultimately denied delivery by Mr Aggarwal, the Director, whom the company official consulted, stating I would have to wait till the B ch is cleared. How ironical and humiliating is the action and behavior of the dealer Fairdeal, with all UNFAIR DEALINGS. I REQUEST THE MARUTI COMPANY FOR SUITABLE ACTION AGAINST THE DEALER UNDER INTIMATION ME. FURTHER I DEMAND TO BE COMPENSATED FOR THE AGONY AND HUMILIATING EXPERIENCE METTED TO ME AND MY FAMILY AT THE HANDS OF - FAIRDEAL CARS (NEXA) , NOIDA

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