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Makemyjourny - Complaint against bad service and no refund of payment

we had booked a holiday package to kerala for 3 days and 4 nights they had promised us to provided accommodation, boat house in alleppey, break fast and lunch as well as car for travelling in kerala, and they told us they will send the details regarding the hotel booked and other things soon as possible. They sent details of hotel archana inn but till the time we reached first day in kochi they changed and said hotel Embassy was booked in Kochi which was such a worst and low level hotel which is not suitable for family stay but then again while checkout hotel manager told that the payment was not made to them by makemyjourny we tried to get in get in contact with Mr Adarsh who was the in charge of booking but he didn't turned up, then we made the payment to the hotel and we moved to our next destination which was munnar then the travel agent called us and told sorry for the inconvenience and that the hotel in kochi was changed due to non availability of rooms in archana inn and he will refund the amount we paid at embassy so we believed him and when we reached Munnar true picture of the company was coming out they had not booked a hotel at Munnar also and he didn't even refund the amount we payed for kochi hotel. then again after calling them several times they didn't respond for hours together. driver was continuously was asking about details of house boat bookings since we had to leave for alleppey from Munnar we didn't receive any response from till the end of the 3 day morning by adarsh, akash or Ekta who were involved in booking and planning of trip, after calling for at least hundreds of time they responded and told us to go to hotel in spite of house boat which they had promised and for which we had payed huge amount. we told them that we were not going to hotel and we need house boat only they acted carelessly and said they cant do house boat cooking and demanded for more money for house boat and even cancelled hotel booking of alleppey we had to suffer a lot and we didn't have any proper bookings through out they journey or even if we had bookings at some place we only payed again for those bookings even though we had payed huge amount of 38925 to the company in advance this was the worst company we had and experience with and we had to cancel our trip on 3 day itself and return to Bangalore instead of continuing on the trip they had promised us to refund the half of trip money but we didn't even receive a single rupee from them.

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