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Mahindra two wheeler - Gusto 110 CC - stops abruptly on running

My wife purchased Gusto 110 CC on 01/07/2015 FromM/ S Panama Motors, Calicut . After first service it is noted that the system stops on running abruptly. Again on restarting it could be driven continuously for 1 Km before it stops . The complaint was lodged several times and it could no be fixed yet. My wife cannot take it with confidence as she finish her office works by 8 p. m. Many a time I had to take her back leaving the scooter in the bank. To add to the dismay last time when she complained the person asked stupid questions like. Whether her husband is available? Son is available? whether neighbours are available to take the vehicle to the service point. Further he told her that she may complain to anybody(poor guy) . After that a lady from the show room called back and arranged to take the vehicle. We now deeply regret having bought the vehicle when ever so many good brands available in the market. e g she was using honda activa for years without a trouble. It is very difficult to deal with such irresponsible persons. Now they have opined that the Key to be changed. Having bought the vehicle one year back and having run the vehicle for 3000 km and having made the complained frequently whether we are to spend for the key again. Hope the persons concerned will look to it.

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