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Mahendra Educational Pvt Ltd - False Promises made by above Institute

Kindly refer attahed.

2 Dec 22, 2016 09:11 PM Job and Career

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This is in reference to above mentioned subject matter, please note that I Rajni Digani visited Mahendra's Laxmi Nagar Institute on June 1st, 2016, where I met one of their executive (Mr. Akshay) who assisted me through my enquiry for SBI PO 2016 exam preparation. I (having prelim exam of SBI PO in July, 2016) gave all information about me that I have applied for the exam first time ever and it's my last chance too due to age criteria of 30 yrs for the exam and that I am a working lady and can only spare morning time for classes. Mr. Akshay advised that there is a fresh batch starting from upcoming Monday i.e. June 6th, 2016 @ morning 7 o'clock and I can join that batch. I was assured that I will get a good result despite of the fact that I had only 01 month for the preparations. I got registered for the course with Customer ID- 2421883 and paid an amount of Rs. 4,200/- and joined the batch as advised and found that batch was not a fresh batch but an ongoing batch which had completed half of its course. I again contacted the staff of the institute where in I was referred to Mr. Pradeep who then advised surprisingly that there is no fresh batch started in morning and I am provided with a wrong information. He further stated to my case that it is almost impossible to pass this is exam in such a short span while continuing the job ( that I was not advised previously by Mr. Akshay). I requested Mr. Pradeep to favor me with extra or special classes considering my case and I'll also take 7 days leave from my office but he denied by saying that there is no such provision for same. I also checked for the study material to which he advised that the books as per the new course are in printing and will come within a week time. I further asked for the old set if it can be arranged to start my studies at least and that too was not given by stating that old books have been removed from the circulation. Moreover, I continuously checked for the books which had not come till 19th June 2016 even and I requested for the refund that request too got unheard. Though I have not availed any class and did not even get any study material from Mahendra's, I have been writing and calling them to refund my fees but there is no resolution provided by them. Hence, I request you to kindly intervene into this matter and let me get fair resolution on same. Thankyou!

Dec 22, 2016 12:00 AM

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Dec 22, 2016 12:00 AM