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MI SERVICE CENTER BALLIA/CHANDAN MOBILE CENTRE - Regarding S.O WXIN1612090006368, cheating to me

Dear sir, At 09/12/2016 i had submitted my hand set MI MAX SILVER 32GB, it had problem that there display were not glowing. When i given this phone to service center ballia they checked and diagnoses very well and register complain and ouder for spare parts, but after 20 day 29/12/2016 very long time service center called me and said your phone is water lock, only for display other function or pcb are working, You have to repaired in out of warranty. I asked to them if it is water lock then why dont tbey tell me at the time of submission, between these 20days what they did to my phone i dont know because phone was in there hands, Any way i visit service center and asked for charges they said 3850inr i said pls repaire because i have no smartphone since 09/12/2016 to till serviced, They replaced same spare parts which they brought in warranty of set, They hand over my set after servicing, and ask for payment then i ask for bill they refuse to give Mi orignal mi service bill and give estimate bill copy, after that i ask for electronic payment they give me payment slip of chandan mobile service(MI SERVICE ) , which is same I asked to you pls do the needfull as they cheated me. I dont want them to cheat other customers. Detailes of refrance files are attached with this mail

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